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    It's been very rare I've had a serious or aggressive confrontation. Usually people can be dealt with by talking or things are capped before they blow out of proportion.

    Now I'm on a trip with my travelling buddy, a few weeks backpacking around Europe and while it's mostly been amazing, there have been a few incidents which I would describe as bullfuck

    We were approached in a bar last night in Brussels when a tall scraggly looking chump, stood there and gave us the finger. Annoying but whatever. I glanced back at my mate who was getting pretty mad and when I glanced back the guy was mooning us. Full on buttcheek city.

    He then proceeded to walk over and dry hump a girl at the bar, who for whatever reason found t amusing.

    We considered confronting him, but what would the consequence have been? If things had escalated they wouldn't have gone in our favour. What I'm wondering is did this guy just not like the look of us? Or was it that we were tourists, in which case very disappointed in brussels.

    We basically swore back at him and told him to fuck off, not enough, too much? Can't shake off the feeling he got away with being an insulting arsehole, can't figure out why he did it.

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