#8848688, By Rivuzu Is EG partisan?

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    My opinion on this is one of sensibilities. Eurogamer, as a website, is a business. They want to make money. Regardless of what they publish, they know people will flock to the site and the foot-traffic will increase their ad revenue. The greater they score a game, the more likely that company is to, later down the line, advertise their new game on EG and arrange a contract with them to run it for a certain period of time. Best example of this was the Battlefield 3 trailer before it was released - I was so disturbed and put off of watching anything on Eurogamer because of that trailer, that I simply refused and looked for the videos on youtube instead.

    So, taking this corporate whoring in one hand, you have to remember in the other that Reviewers are also human beings. People do have their natural preferences, and that will be expressed in the review and the scores. Some things may be brushed over because hey, the reviewer was having a good time and didn't want to fuss over any of the bugs or problems (Skyrim review, anyone?). Some things may be exaggerated, due to the fanboyism/lovedrunk opinions of the writer.

    But that's where we need to think for ourselves. Scores are not gospel. Just because a game scores low, doesn't mean you won't enjoy it - equally, just because they've given a game a 10, doesn't mean it wont make you grind your teeth in places with sheer banality. If you don't respect the balance between information and opinion in reviews, then really you shouldn't be reading them at all.

    I know it sounds simple, but really, you just need to take all of the written articles with a pinch of salt. Or anchovies.
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