#8848759, By Rivuzu Is EG partisan?

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    @craigy Then I'm glad I'm wrong. What I say, I say out of mere speculation and with no real basis, but only trying to apply logic to things - doesn't always work, granted. But if the Sales and Review section is as you say, entirely disconnected, then I'm happy to accept that. I can imagine it's actually quite a turbulent experience with the relationship between Sales/Reviews.

    @darkmorgado Yes, those things are possible too, but that's why we read Edge. Why Famitsu exists. Because they use differing methods. If every videogame review site adopted the same brushstrokes as they, then there'd be no seperation. No difference in styles. I actually like how the reviews on EG are composed of the Reviewers personal experience and their scoring policy - but that's just me. I do however also check all the other metacritic reviews out there, purely to see other opinions on the game - not for numbers, but for comments.

    I think the worst mistake anyone can ever make is to treat review sites as a buyers guide.
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