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    We can but dream it'll ship with that chip @darkmorgado but considering when manufacturing will likely start, it'll probably not. It'll also be cheaper for them if it didn't too - wait for the revised version which'll come out after and it'll probably have it in.

    There are a few concerns though which are starting to bug me now.

    The RRP price in the UK. I mentioned it in the comments on the news article, but now I'm really starting to wonder how much it'll cost. Because if it stays at this price point, it'll be snapped up greedily by everyone in shops and so forth - but if retailers start charging above and beyond, it'll kill off the prospect as people will simply state they already have an android phone/tablet, why would they need a console?

    Second worry is how often revisions will come. We know this'll run on similar gubbin's to Android phones, use the same OS as them and so forth. If thats the case, then isn't there also a genuine worry that the Ouya will be pumped out like phones are too? This is merely speculation, but when other developers jump on board with how well the Ouya sells (or doesn't, perhaps) and start making their own, will we not see the same over-saturation we see with current mobile phones?

    Third worry, the store itself, and how many developers are prepared and willing to turn their currently existing games into Console versions. A lot of them had to do so for the transition from phone to tablet, but a third transition? How many can justify it?

    And last worry, whilst this could herald a new age of gaming for some, it could spell doom for others; if big pubs do get behind the console and do create releases, how long will it be before they go down the already well trod path of phone-microtransaction reliant-releases? Fancy playing this fighter? Unlock each character for only 99p! Suddenly, each free game comes bundled with 20 worth of "optional" additions (similar to how SFxT had "optional" extra costumes and characters locked onto the disk, neh?)

    I don't know, possibly overthinking here.
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