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    But they're three months from launch, they say. Who the heck is running things at OUYA! that believes they're going to fix quite major issues with manufacturing in three months. What if they find further problems with the next batch?

    And what about the money that's been spent on producing the existing controllers and dev kits? Those look injection moulded, which means cash has been spent at a factory on hundreds of prototypes.

    If I was a backer I'd be seriously worried about the state of that dev kit. Didn't they charge $700 for those? People paid them hundreds to alpha test this hardware. And there was no need to pay for a casing like that, they could have sent out barebone kits in a basic shell and achieved the same goal of giving devs early access.

    Are they still planning on building the final model from metal? How much will that cost? Remember they haven't sold a single unit yet, all the money from the backers has gone into this initial design and production. Unless they somehow sell millions when it launches they're not going to have any money, and to make enough units they're going to need further investment from somewhere.

    For an idea of what OUYA! is up against, and an example of a properly managed project, read the Pebble watch updates. They go into great detail about the issues encountered and how they solved them.

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