#9260953, By PearOfAnguish OUYA - Coming March 2013

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    darkmorgado wrote:
    I don't see it becoming the Next Big Thing, but I can see it getting an enthusiast following.
    Which is why it will fail as a business.

    There aren't enough people out there that care. It's questionable whether they will have enough money to stay in business after they get the backers units produced, if that ever happens. Even if they have managed to persuade some foolish investor to pump money in they won't sell enough of them.

    There are, and have been, numerous consoles aimed at enthusiasts, and all of them have either gone out of business or operate on small scale where the hardware is expensive to make up for the fact that they're not manufacturing in bulk.

    Hell, even hacking it to run emulators makes it worth the money imo.
    It doesn't need to be hacked to run emulators though. Android already runs emulators, outputs to HDMI and supports controllers, and you can do this using anything from a sub-100 Android stick to a high-end tablet.
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