#9261515, By Ron_Justice OUYA - Coming March 2013

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    Bollox. Thanks for pissing all over my fire. I'm still hopefully that my pre-ordered (not kick start funded) one will be decent. For what it's worth, I don't own a super quick, modern smart phone and my Nexus 7, as I'm sure you're aware, has no HDMI out so a small android box for the telly if the perfect fit for me. Having said that, l can see that the points raised above and on the previous page are a bit of a pisser.

    As I said, though, 117 for the 'console' & 2 controllers is good money for me. The reason I don't have a super slick phone is that the local telecoms companies here don't do things in the same way as the UK - amazing handsets on a contract - l have to spend the full whack for the handset upfront and then pay minimal monthly costs. Fk that ;-) In that climate an under telly droid box makes sense. Shame that's probably the minority of users...
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