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    Received mine yesterday as well (had to pay 16 customs on delivery...). The OS is slugglish, and the current line-up of games is so bad it's hilarious. But that's not what I got it for, I got it for creating a small, cheap, instantly accessible dedicated box of emulation goodness in my front room.

    So far so good on that front, there are already N64, SNES and NES emulators in the official store, and I had a great session on Mario Kart 64 and Street Fighter II Turbo yesterday :D Works like a dream, and today I will organise and sort out my whole collection of ROMs for it. PSX, Megadrive and Mastersystem emulators are apparently easy to side-load and work well, but I haven't tried that yet. Word on the street is that it's also quite easy to get 360 or PS3 pads working with it, which is good news as the Ouya pad isn't great.

    I'll also be using the Ouya for streaming services, though that's not been very successful so far... I tried side-loading the Netflix apk but it's buggy as hell (mainly navigation issues), and too annoying to use properly. Netflix is my service of choice, so that's not good, I'm hoping some official support happens one day (or some clever chap creates a modified apk just for Ouya). Like mrpon said though, XBMC works great, so that's a good sign.

    I appreciate what people say about being able to do this on an Android phone or on a PC (for emulation), but that is nothing like having a dedicated box under the TV in the entertainment room. For $99 to have my entire childhood gaming collection ready at the click of a button, I'm happy with that. If the media side of things improves, if side-loading other Android apps is easy, and if decent Ouya exclusive games do eventually happen, then I think this is good little device for a niche audience.

    All in all, the signs are promising for the reason I purchased this thing.
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