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    indeed. however i've gone the Tradeskill Engineer type route, and without shadowland perks, its tough going. out of the 10,000 IP's about 7-8,000 is sucked up each level by nano abilities (time+space, Mat.Crea etc) and tradeskill abilities. my primary stats are beginning to suffer :/.

    oh, and get the Solar Powered Tinker Pistol, its teh win! ^_^
    you keep upgrading it the higher your weapon smithing ability, so it goes up 1 ql each time. adds to my maxhealth, maxnano and tutoring and does (at the moment at ql 31ish) 12-80 damage with about another 80 on a crit. not bad for a pistol!

    In-Game Name : Pintarah

    edit: how do you mine stuff?

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