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    I watched a youtube video about scope zeroing yesterday. No-one else on my FL seemed to be online with BF4 last night, so I spent a bit of time trying to get used to it and brush up my sniping "skills".

    It seems ok, if a bit easy with the PLD equipped for range-finding. I actually managed to get quite a few headshots and was starting to get my eye in for range and how far to aim above heads at odd distances which you can't zero for. I felt a bit dirty after, mind.

    It's amazing how low down the socreboard you are when you do not perform your function as part of a squad though. Lots of marked targets, plus spotting ribbons galore help along with the range and headshot bonuses, but I definitely prefer a silenced carbine/shotgun, Tugs and C4 for recon. Capping objectives and dying a lot is far more fun than lying about the map taking potshots at people. Not so good for the K/D ind, but I don't play BF for that!

    I don't think I will be doing more sniping in a hurry, and especially not if part of a decent squad/playing alongside other folk.
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