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    ecureuil wrote:
    Alastair wrote:
    Was the commander also fighting like an infantry soldier, or was he sitting back at base?
    I'd guess that he'd be out fighting as otherwise it would be too easy to get zero points when your team ignored all your orders.
    Well you see, old Battlefield games weren't filled with bellends that were obsessed with their points score. People actually played the game properly. Most of the time.
    Speaking of bellends playing BF, me and Brett have been playing BC2 on the PC recently and the notion that PC gamers are any more mature than 360 players has been proven to be utterly ridiculous. I've never seen more "EASY!", "looool", "n00b", and "fag" insults flying around.

    And there seems to be as many people not playing the objectives on the PC as there are on the 360.

    Maybe BF2 was different, but I remember BF1942 being similar too...

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