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  • Deleted user 15 October 2013 12:08:14
    Bananazniper wrote:
    Yeah Shanghai has snipers with C4 and there is a an RPG around every corner. Vehicle play is hard on it. Looking forward to the open maps.

    I've only captured a bit of footage as I find my performance drops when I'm recording. Probably because I'm recording on to the same disk as my game is running from. I'll have to get a separate hard drive if I carry on recording.
    On console it wasnt like that, I never once got c4 by a sniper. There were the occasional snipers on roofs but they generally got taken out by the helicopter or my knife.

    Not sure what other console users thought but the beta seems far better balanced than bf3 ever was. The mix of vehicles etc was spot on for 24 players.
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