#9553262, By beastmaster Surely it's time for simultaneous releases? (I really hate the cinema)

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    I see your point.

    Studio's won't ever change the system and the BO returns indicate that cinematic demand is on the increase. In terms of their profit margins it's something along the lines of opening weekend (THE major factor in films getting the sequels green light), merchandising, overall cinematic BO and then it's BR/DVD then TV/Streaming. They'll want to maximise their profits on each. That is all they care about.

    Even if something like Man of Steel flopped, they still wouldn't change it. Less keen to spend big budgets on films but the distribution method won't change.

    Slightly off topic but on is IMAX. I always find it to be an amazing experience. I've got friends who were not keen on the idea to go and now they go fairly regular. Minimal adverts, usually get to see extended previews of upcoming IMAX films, hardly any adverts and if anyone even thinks about messing around on a phone, the staff pounce of them quick. If you've never been or even HATE going to the cinema, it's worth trying once. And there's no home system that I know of that can match it.

    As another slight aside, you mentioned The Rex. My favourite cinema in the whole of the country is The Electric on Portobello Road. It's probably the best cinematic viewing experience I've ever had.


    There are others I'm sure but every time I go to London, I'll try and see something there.

    Edit: Just seen the other response from bad09 about home viewings. Yeah, I suppose.

    Oh and one more thing, what of the 'buzz' of seeing a new film in a packed cinema? :-)

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