#8882396, By jakuande The best JRPG battle systems?

  • jakuande 24 Jul 2012 12:09:58 192 posts
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    JRPGs with difficulty and quality battle systems : Dragon Quest VII, Shin Megami Tensei 3, maybe Persona 4. In post SNES JRPGS the main quest offers very little challenge so to enjoy the battle system properly you need to do all the optional stuff just before the end.

    Although in general a horrible game FFXIII is quite fun if you manage to get to Gran Pulse and experience the actual gameplay for a while. The battle system is annoying though because you only control one character. Also the AI isn't that great at buffing and debuffing meaning that you have to do that if you want an optimal set up, which is dull, plus game over if your guy dies which I hate especially since you're probably relying on the AI to remember to heal you (persona 4 gets away with it cause people step in to save you and you control the healers.)
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