#8911087, By GloatingSwine The best JRPG battle systems?

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    darkmorgado wrote:
    Just started Lost Odyssey. The battle system feels fairly solid so far, though it can be hard to tell when to release the RT to get a "perfect" rating. Might have been better if the two rings flashed or changed colour or something when they overlap?

    The skill link system is nice, but it seems a bit arbitrary as you just end up linking every skill to every character in turn which ultimately ends up making the characters broad clones of each other in battle (aside from their inherent gear and role abilities that is). I'm sure it will reveal hidden depths as it goes on.

    Every character having every skill is definitely what you should be aiming at, though the fighty immortals will stay tougher and fightier than the squishy wizard ones, and the squishy wizards will still be the glass cannons in the back.
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