#8890773, By FalseAlibi An EG short story collection?

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    INSOMANiAC wrote:
    Yes, Im already gettting cold feet about actually having to organise something and the fact that my short story has no beginning, middle or end and in fact is about two paragraphs long............
    cold feet schmold feet!

    Check interest in collaborative short story collection project - done
    Request stories from interested parties - done(ish) I guess
    Bump thread every now and then
    PM peeps who raised their hand to check if stories are a-coming
    Carry on writing own short story
    When the mood hits make a final call out for final submissions and a cut-off date then assemble however many stories are recieved into e-book format. (free step by step guide from amazon available for kindle - pretty straightforward)
    Send out version one for peer review amongst collaborators to allow edits, fixes and last minute story additions.
    Publish and be damned!

    Oh - and I'm all for throwing in a story too
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