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    Its a free to play first person shooter. I played this for about 3 hours until the dark underbelly of the beast was revealed to me. I screamed in horror.

    So let me explain how this game works. You got deathmatch and domination (capture/defend area) regardless of what mode you play you kill people and complete objectives and you earn "heat" which builds up your fans and battle points when its calculated at the end of a match.

    Fans are people who are your fans that have watched you fight on tv but they may as well be a meaningless number called experience points because that's just what they are. It levels you up, when you level up you get access to better clothes (that earns you more heat) and better weapons. I say access because...

    Battle Points (BP) is what you need to spend to buy these upgrades.

    Now when you first create an account you get 10,000 BP to spend on stuff, but the cheapest new gun costs 10,100 minimum. Ok that's fine, however in most matches you only earn between 200-500 BP. That's fine too, you can just grind a bit to afford new stuff. BUT!!

    Your weapons go through wear and tear, and I'm not sure what causes it (maybe dying) but you will need to spend BP to repair a completley worn out weapons. If you try using a weapons where its usability has reached 0 then it only does around half the amount of damage.

    I played for long enough that I had completely worn down my weapon and in that time I managed to earn 3000 BP. It cost me 2900 BP to repair my gun. But you don't have to repair your gun using BP, oh no. You can also use gold (real money) to repair it too.

    If you're a monthly subscriber your weapons don't even need repairing, they'll never wear down as long as you're on the subscription. The whole leveling up metagame is meaningless because normally you'd have to level up to use weapons that have level requirements but as a subscriber you can buy and use anything. Also you get discounts on everything you buy.

    All this wouldn't have been so terrible if the "bought" guns weren't so much better than the standard MP5 you get. Its not even a class based game, everyone starts out with the shitty MP5 and all the newbies are just running around playing the game like COD. The levels feel like they've been designed around the idea that everyone would be using the MP5.

    This is Scientology: The Game, don't let it sucker you in by making you convince yourself that its a worthwhile investment of your time and money.

    I predict within 9 months it will shut down.

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