#10623389, By GI-Joel Virtual Reality a Reality? (Rift, Morpheus, Vive et al)

  • GI-Joel 19 Oct 2014 09:22:50 134 posts
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    I have P3D with DCOCv2 working well. I have also added rex and ftx England in to the mix. It holds fps with no problems. For a program that was not designed with VR in mind it is fantastic experience. Going from a monitor to the rift now makes landing a more enjoyable experience as you can line up the aircraft for final in a more natural manner. I always found it a faff before especially using vfr. Now u look with ease and choose your final turn to line up with the runway. Easier to control the drifting thanks to the stereoscopic 3d. Winner for me. Just needs a 4k screen instead of 1080p. The 1 thing that can spoil the emersion is the pixels. Reminds me of the xvga projectors. I need to get Elite D to see how they have implemented their 3d to limit this small annoyance.
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