#9343418, By phAge Virtual Reality a Reality? (Rift, Morpheus, Vive et al)

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    silentbob wrote:
    phAge wrote:
    Any news on how nearsighted people will fare with these? I see just fine out to about 1 metre, but after that it's Blurry City. Will I be able to use OR without glasses?
    2 reports from the show from people wearing glasses with no issues, apparently plenty of room in there unless you're wearing spastic aviators or something. ;)
    Cheers. If all else fails I s'pose I could always get a pair of cheap replacement glasses just for OR.

    On a related note I'm seriously considering passing up on the next generation of consoles and putting the money towards OR and upgrading my PC instead. Just seems like OR has the potential to deliver a completely new experience, whereas Durango and PS4 will just be... shinier.
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