#9533141, By silentbob Virtual Reality a Reality? (Rift, Morpheus, Vive et al)

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    Subquest wrote:
    Man this is just great. I really hope the stars align in terms of its quality, its selling price and support from developers.

    It's producing two separate images, does this double the work for the PC you're playing on? If so, and they get the commerical models up to 1920x1080, it'll need a fairly beefy machine.
    Actually yes and no. You're rendering two images but you only render one 1080p frame (each eyes see's half of that resolution).

    There is only one panel in the Rift and this will remain the case for the higher res consumer versions too.

    So, whilst you do need to shoot for high frame rates, if you can already do this at 1080p you're sorted.
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