#9766765, By LoopTheory Virtual Reality a Reality? (Rift, Morpheus, Vive et al)

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    jimnastics wrote:
    Fake_Blood wrote:
    What demo did you play?
    One called "Titans of Space" first, which did generally leave me speechless. Then Half Life 2, which screwed me up. I don't know if it was the game or the time spent on it, whether Titans of Space would have done the same thing if I had played that after HL2, or if HL2 is just poorly implemented. Either way, I didn't wish to keep trying to find out.
    I think there is something in the way hl2 is implemented for the Rift that causes this - Having had my rift for a fews days and played numerous demos with surprisingly few symptoms but playing hl2 last night for an hour made me quite nauseous .
    Titans of Space is truly jaw dropping!! Watching videos of it really don't do it justice
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