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    These Banks you talk about are all totally trasparant, listed PLCs with many thousands of shareholders. They aren't shady organisations.

    Also, as they primarily lend to individuals, SMEs and medium companies, the failure of these borrowers to repay their loans would kill the industry.

    If the global economy collapses, there'll be no 'resources and wealth' to consolidate and who would they consolidate it for?

    Your correct about the the public banks being transparent but what about the Central banks like the federal reserve which is owned by a private group on wall street.
    The money is is laundered through the stock market because its harder to spot when their is millions of transactions a second going through the system.

    don't think there is the implication of money laundering by a Central Bank. While both HSBC and Standard Chartered have been accused, nothing is proven. If it is, you can be certain that individuals will be charged and imprisoned.

    Tell that to obama who signed an executive order to block an audit of the federal reserve even though it had overwhelming support for it to go ahead in congress.

    Wall street makes money betting against companys going bust thats even admitted in time magazine.

    Its called a put option on the stock market say you buy a house and I think that you cant pay I can place a bet on on you failing to afford your repayments and when your house is
    taken I profit you lose.

    Why do you think they are trying to disarm the american people by passing anti gun laws,obama ordering 20,000 troops to do police work on the streets,the airforce selling 10,000 drones to the police.
    The people at the top know what is coming collapse and revolution.

    Obama has been told to prepare for mass unrest within the united states because the dollar is on the the edge of the cliff.
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