#9014145, By flynny_gamer SLI/Crossfire compared to single-card setups

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    #If its just for gaming then buy responsibly. alot of games will run full throttle on 1-2Gb Vram system. We are seeing games reach the 2Gb+.
    If you can afford/justify spending $500US minimum for a top of range card then go for it. It will perform amazingly on benchmarks over "most" crossfire setups depending on choice...then buy another of the same model at much more reasonable price later on if desired to juice up.
    What xfire needs to perform best is a quality front end, and quality cards. Microshuttering is not noticable supposedly in most cases...?

    My Intel 3770K OC 4.5Ghz - 16Gb Vengeance(1600) - 240Gb(6Gb/s) SSD
    Build 2x sapphire radeon HD 7850(2Gb) OC
    Gigabyte Z77-UD3 Wifi/BT mobo

    its not the ultimate of everything. ive seen high-end games like metro 2033 and skyrim perform without flaw with maximum settings. play it on one card it chokes at high end. put in a pricey $700 card, back to maximum settings.

    I paid alot less than 500USD for the two GPU. Giving me 4Gb Vram. 3D capability. More money to spend on other value for money components.
    I will one day buy a top range single card. but this setup will suffice for some time. I am waiting for HDMI to get dumped personally. DisplayPort is the future. Will wait for tv/projectors units to catch up.
    Most high end graphics will have a DisplayPort/HDMI atm. Also the ULTRA HD comes out at end of year.

    this is my opinion based on researching my build for a about a month. built for gaming + 3D + video processing.

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