#9014936, By Tiiti SLI/Crossfire compared to single-card setups

  • Tiiti 18 Sep 2012 19:29:55 506 posts
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    I'm in favour of the sli set up. Recently bought an additional 580 for sli, and went for 3x 24" dell ips screens for 5760x1200 gaming.

    Every single game I have thrown at these 2 cards have doubled in fps on one monitor. Most games run full whack on three aside from your bf3 and metro. Guild Wars 2 (although more CPU bound) runs and looks amazing across all three at 60fps vsynced at full settings.

    Edit: was in a rush and forgot to add that I have seen none of this apparent stutter problem out of around 15 games I have tried. These are of ssd cards though so maybe a link with sli and hdd causes it I dunno.

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