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    I have never used i tunes before but i'm guessing its like winamp with playlists being just text and not having any pictures of your albums.

    So to get over this problem cheaply you could use an xbox modded with xbox media centre linked to your network. Xbmc can play any media it finds and can connect to the cddb and store all the album cover pictures on the xbox or you can assing your own pictures to albums or individual tracks. It has function to create playlists and read playlist created in itunes and winamp, can link to an itunes network share (DAAP).

    xbmc can also be controlled over a network from a browser but doing this disables the pictures of the album.

    This solution does fail to solve the barcode scanner function which you wanted but enables to have the pictures like the Delicious Library said previously.

    oh and you get an xbox out of it and it will play any movie or music file you throw at it, so its a very cheap media center meaning you don't to buy an expensive new pc

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