#8965519, By bladdard Is now a bad time to get a PS3

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    My tuppence worth ?

    I bought one recently again (had a launch one originally) to sit next to my 360. Trouble is - most games are now on both platforms, and going by the face-offs on the EG site, the 360 versions generally edge ahead, albeit slightly these days. still I'd always be saying 'man this is the slightly poorer version' ...!

    Therefore, my PS3 hasn't been switched on for like, months...

    Shame, cos the interface is lovely, but hey.

    I'd pass on it, if I were you.
    Not very stealth troll!
    I'm not stealth trolling at all. That's my genuine opinion. In fact, if anyone wants to buy mine, drop me a PM or sommat, cos I'm not kidding when I say it's not been on for months.
    Colinmac you confuse me, you at first say your PS3 hasn't been on for "like months" and then you say it hasn't been on for months, which is it and what unit of time represents "like months"? ;-)

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