#8968803, By JBlokeUK Is now a bad time to get a PS3

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    Dirtbox wrote:
    I dunno, I see the same old short list of essential games for the PS3, otherwise every multiplatform title is inferior or at best on par with the 360 and I fail to see any reason why anyone would choose to get one, let alone get one without looking into reasons why they're getting it. It's the people who get massively defensive that I find hilarious to poke with a stick, and to that end, this thread has been fun.

    Hate is so far off the mark, it's almost as funny as your devotion to a third rate company.
    Was it my Playstation logo tattoo that gave it away? Or perhaps my Sony themed living room? Maybe now that you've made your point, you won't feel any need to hijack threads in the PS3 section anymore with your drivel?

    I truly think that not one console is hugely better than another or without turning this thread into a PS3 vs 360 vs PC vs Wii one, it all comes down to personal preference, or for some they may base their decision solely on what their friends have?

    For what it's worth the Blu Ray player, exclusives and being able to play online with friends is what sold it to me. In fact it was the playing online friends part that sold it more than the other 2 reasons.

    Like people have said, now is a good time to get a PS3, especially with PS+ now offering great value for money.
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