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    @ammobox 0.70 horizontal 0.30 vertical, I reccomend making vertical less than horizontal but using your own amount, I still can't get used to it why did they have to make it impossible?

    On PC I can spray and control the recoil no problem, on Xbox I fire more than 3 bullets and I cand control it, in BF,COD,GOW, even GTA & Godfather etc etc before you ADS you can aim smoothly, why didn't valve adopt their method instead of creating the dreaded controls we had back in PS2 days?

    Edit: also I haven't been able to play online for the past 2ish hours, I was playing fine (despite the lag spikes) then the game froze but let me press start, so I quit out and tried another match, now it just stays in searching for eternity.

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