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    @andytheadequate it resets everyone's controls once, just once! Everyone's making it sound like it happens every other game.

    Keep the demo so I can let you play it properly when I come down. I'm not sure if the servers are player hosted or we all join dedicated ones, because I've just had a good 2-3 hour session with no lag at all (although the majority of people joining said they did) and when I first joined the server it was only me vs bots, so maybe that is the cause of lag?

    Don't say it doesn't lack care fool, Xbox isn't their real concern when it comes to CS and you can blame MS for that, after all, would you like to try do deals with MS to release stuff for free and have them on your back all the time when you have your own DRM?

    The controls (despite me getting used to them, in the most loose possible sense) are just awful, especially for a game that requires you to counter the recoil by pulling down and the opposite way of the spread, now it just turns into a western, stood still firing at each other.

    To honestly score it after being (and still being) a CS fanboy since 1.5 and playing on the Xbox (not taking into account first week lag issues) I'd give it a 5/10, whereas the pc version is a solid 10, the controls do make that much of a difference to me.

    I've had some great games, but some equally dreadful ones yet the dreadful ones are mostly a result of lag, I've only been playing it a day so maybe the whole control feel just needs to be sat with me a little longer, after all I've played BF3 as my only FPS for almost 1 year solidly...
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