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    @1Dgaf did it happen during the trial or just after the trial? I've only heard complaints of it happening once, never multiple, but shouldn't happen full stop.

    I've just sent an email to Microsoft customer support asking for a refund (like that will work huh?) after all, and through no exaggeration I have been unable to play a game without rubber banding lag for the past 6-8 hours on and off.

    I bought this game (and it's only purpose is) for online multiplayer and it is completely broken, if I'm not lagging and being unable to leave spawn I'm stood still and froze, if that doesn't happen and I'm running around in a jerky motion, I'm being vote kicked.

    I had 1, 1 game where it wasn't laggy and I suspect this is because I was host and it wasn't fun at all as the majority were such an easy kill due to them suffering the same misfortune I do when I play online.

    I look forward to microsofts response that blames me for the lag, but it's funny how every other game in history I've played on the 360 (bar Wrecked) has been and still is perfectly fine. Why not give us dedicated servers or the option to purchase them like in BF3? Dare I say I'd consider buying one, I did for the Pc.
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