#8956815, By Capn_Franky Counter Strike: GO - Xbox

  • Capn_Franky 24 Aug 2012 12:40:20 61 posts
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    Yes, the voting system is poorly implemented in this game. Just because a team is loosing and they vote to switch maps, scramble teams or swap teams doesn't merit the game to reset to 0-0, it just turns into a war against players then, same with vote kick.

    I'm vote kicked 90% of the time by my own team as you can't kick enemy players and the reason is because I'm lagging. So what, I know I'm lagging its the only way I can play online but I'm on your team, just leave me be for a while.

    I've noticed the game runs ok when less than 6/7 people are in the game, any more and its 10 steps forward a million steps to the right, back, upside down, back to front, dead.

    I'm not hating on the game, I love it when it works, but for me personally it's far too inconsistent to recommend and playing against bots gets boring fast, I'm sure they only have 2/3 tactics per map.
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