#9108690, By anon_ XBox 360 Dashboard Update and IE 2012

  • anon_ 27 Oct 2012 00:39:42 211 posts
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    Got the update. I like it. Seems a much richer experience now. The Xbox is no longer just a games a console. It's a full-fledged multimedia box.

    And the people moaning about the ads need to put a sock in it already. It's mostly self-reporting of its own wares, no different to what iTunes does. So long as I'm not forced to click into/watch anything, I couldn't care less.

    In the next update/Xbox though, I'd like to see a bit more Live Tile-ness - a la Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 - in the form of a more customizable home hub, with my own pinned content - can leave the ads for the dedicated hubs. Also, a pictures/photo's hub launcher would round things out I reckon

    Other than that, am liking the synchronicity between Microsoft's devices. Xbox Music being the prime example of that.
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