#8957980, By anephric Why aren't games aiming for 24 frames per second?

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    Also, the 24fps "standard" for cinema was decided upon for financial as much as technical reasons (i.e. the minimum amount of exposures you could get away with and maintain decent persistence of motion so as not to use up more expensive film stock than you needed to). Even then, you can get judder in fast pans (somewhat alleviated by the inherent motion blur in photochemical film, as already mentioned).

    To mitigate this, film projectors use two-blade shutters (often three-blade) to expose each frame twice on the screen (or three times) to help reduce flickering and maintain a smoother image. So even bog standard 24fps in the cinema isn't really 24fps, more like pseudo 48fps (or 72fps with a three-blade shutter).
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