#8960855, By alirennie Wii Virtual Console + HDTV = Pixelicious

  • alirennie 26 Aug 2012 13:25:45 4 posts
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    Was wondering if anybody knew any tricks for optimising the virtual console for a 1080p flat screen. I've only recently got a new samsung TV (was stranded in the SD wilderness for way too long) and while my 360 and PS3 obviously look awesome, i've been a bit put off by the pixelated nature of my wii virtual console games. I mean don't get me wrong everything is still just as fun (Mega Man X still rocks), but i've fiddled and fiddled with aspect ratios's and such and still it doesn't have that nice smooth feel i enjoyed on my SD TV. I'm obviously aware of wii's limitations in this regard and am under no illusion that i will be able to get silky smooth HD, but if there's anything that i can get or do that will improve the situation then it would be great know; or is this a losing battle, should i just buy an old CRT.

    p.s. im currently running it through a Exspect component cable
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