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    So...is anybody here a Guild Wars player?

    I devoted most of my summer to it and I must say that

    for something that's free every month, game play and

    graphics are awesome. There's not a variety in

    character classes and you can only have four character

    at a time, but ArenaNet has stated they plan to

    increase classes, add more races and more character

    slots as it updates and expands the game.

    I know there's a much awaited content patch coming

    sometime in September - totally new areas to explore

    and such.

    The Guild system is pretty standard...but then running

    one is very simple, which is handy. And you know

    there's quite a few roleplaying guilds, and the RP

    community is quite large, all things considered.

    My main character in game is Libra Rydern - so if you

    happen to have it, send me a message!
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