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    Things I don't like about Windows phone 8.
    (I know this is a thread for owners and fans. Maybe if I list them, the hivemind can point out things that I missed)

    Lack of orientation lock
    Jesus Christ. After coming from an iPhone, I am prepared to change the way I use my phone. But this is a major annoyance. So much so that if I am surfing in bed, I prefer using my iPhone 4. Which my HTC is supposed to replace.

    Lack of apps
    The answer to this is clearly patience. But I miss doing my online banking with my Barclays app, remote recording stuff on Sky with my Sky app, checking all my social media needs with Flipboard, perving on young girls with Instagram, playing word welder. Etc. But I guess, patience is required.

    The death of the Zune software
    This is really upsetting. When I had the Nokia Lumia in February, the Zune software allowed me to update my phone wirelessly. I could fill up my phone with music, as long as it was on the same network as

    Controlling music player
    Again, coming from the iPhone, being able to control the music player from the lock screen is something that I really wish was possible. But I can live without it

    I have other issues, but they are really more niggles, rather than actual problems. Anybody got any solutions for my issues?
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