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    @Peew971 I quite like the idea of that JBL Power Up speaker, but it seems to be absurdly priced. Plus, I already have a couple of bluetooth speakers around the house, so it'd be silly to buy another one... right?

    Regarding the charging plate, I have no idea if I'll even get one. When I filled out the form and hit 'submit', it loaded up a page that said "Your wireless charging plate is on its way!", but I haven't had an email or anything. I shall remain mildly sceptical until it arrives.

    You would think it'd be a piece of cake to port. I hope to see a bit more overlap/interplay between the two app stores in the near future - wasn't that one of the main reasons for the switch to the NT kernel?

    Speaking of app store disappointments, I don't know if anyone saw it, but there was a story on WPCentral about the absent WP7 games - 25 of them, by their count. Most of the devs had no idea their games were incompatible with the new build.

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