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    I think all I can say really is to explore a bit when you get it, and then if you can't figure out any specifics, ask here.

    A couple of tips - pay attention to the ellipsis on the app bar down the bottom - that pulls up deeper menus, and a lot of people seem to miss it. Same with 'tap and hold', which is used a lot throughout the OS and also brings up further options. People seem to miss these functions and then just assume WP has no options.

    Spend a bit of time figuring out which apps are the most important for you and sorting out their tiles on your homescreen. You don't need to have everything pinned to your homescreen, as a swipe to the left brings up your alphabetical jump-list, so just pin what you want and configure your layout to how ever you want it.

    I haven't actually looked into the Win 8 integration too much, to be honest, but other than Xbox Music (which is... well, let's just say I treat my PC and phone as separate music collections for the time being), I'm not sure what else there is.

    IE doesn't share bookmarks, which is a bit baffling, considering they do sync across my three machines running Win 8/RT. To be fair, you're better off asking someone else about Win 8 integration - it's never been a major selling point for me, as I use my phone and PCs for different things, so don't really need them to reflect one another. All I need is my files in SkyDrive, and that works well for me.

    I can't help with taking contacts over from Google services I'm afraid, as I've never used any of their services bar YouTube and search, but when you first boot the phone up it'll ask you to log into your various accounts (if it doesn't, factory reset it and then it will perform first boot). All my contacts were automatically dragged in from FaceBook, Hotmail and Yahoo, and automatically merged if any were duplicated (you can also manage these links manually). I'd assume it'll work the same for GMail?

    As I said, I've never used Android for more than a few minutes here and there, and there are plenty of features of WP I don't even use, so I may not be the best person to ask, but if you have any specific questions when you receive your 8X, I'll try to lend a hand. The things that I do use in WP, I know pretty well - I've been on the platform since the day it launched.
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