#8974964, By Kami Are you an "old" gamer?

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    On the wrong side of 30 here. But my grandparents were gamers as well - my grams was playing Pokemon and Zelda games in her 80s, whilst my grandfather loved his EQ2 guild and he was approaching his 80s at the time (I think he threw himself into it when grams passed away). I was kind of raised in that scenario though, they were my legal guardians for a long time and as such, I never really saw it as strange.

    They certainly had their moral compass though. I remember wanting Mortal Kombat and I was slightly underage at the time, and they point blank refused to buy it for my birthday I believe it was. When I was older, Gramps did like kicking my arse in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and we joked about it. But I kind of knew why they didn't buy it all those years ago. They had their boundaries raising me, and I respect that.

    So to answer the question, I think it is only weird if you see it as weird. For those of us raised by those who liked games (and maybe got into them because they knew I would get into them, who knows? Not like they're around anymore to tell me :( ) I don't think age is a barrier.

    Although I must point out a 78 year old man talking about DOA: Extreme Beach Volleyball in public will be embarrassing whatever your bloody age...
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