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    I've recently started to use cycling as a form of exercise and try to cycle around 15-20 miles a day (not much by an experienced cycler's standards). I currently have an old mountain bike but i'm looking to buy either a hybrid bike or a road bike as they would suit my needs better as most, if not all, of my cycling is done on the cycle track or roads, i never cycle on grass so the big knobbly wheels are slowing me down if anything.

    Can anyone recommend a decent bike either a Road or Hybrid? I'm willing to spend up to 1000 if the bike is seriously worth it but i would rather keep it around the 600-700 mark.

    What should i look out for on a Roadie, what are the must haves and the avoid at all cost features? And do any of you own/recommend a fixed gear/single speed bike? what are the pro's and con's of those, i can't see why people would want them but you see so many people with them, there must be a reason!

    So far i'm looking at either this Boardman road bike: boardman Team CX Cyclocross

    And this Boardman hybrid: Boardman performance Hybrid

    I've also got my eye on this one due to it being much cheaper than the previous two: Boardman Performance hybrid comp
    You can see a trend that all those bikes are Boardman, they seem to be one of the only brands that i know make quality poducts so i will be open to other brands that are just as good, as long as the price is realistic!

    Any help i get is much appreciated as always!
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