#9006482, By eruairun How to survive a droideka in Star Wars Battlefront.

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    we've all been in this position. You're a helpless

    little clone, just following your orders. And you turn

    a corner to find a room full of droids (no big deal

    there) and a Droideka............*INSTANT HEART


    but don't panic! there's a way around this fear. You

    just have to suck it up, and do what needs to be done.

    the trick in this situation is to get as close to the

    destroyer as possible. If you are right up next to

    them, right by their shield (if it's up), they can't

    shoot you. This is a guaranteed method, one that I've

    used many many times and have been commended on after a

    battle. It works, use my knowledge to further your

    progress into the battlefront world. Maybe one day

    you'll be able to beat me........maybe........one

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