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    Barney = Vanu
    Elmo = Terran
    Smurf = NC

    I fucking HATE the NC music because it's so damn childish, but otherwise they're a great faction with the best looking vehicles and the most accurate medium range weapons. They were also grossly overpopulated in beta so I expect them to be underpopulated in live.

    The TR are always my preference (because they have regal music and the best helmets!) but frankly their vehicles are disappionting and their weapons high rate of fire does not make up for medium range inaccuracy (because you're dead before the high rate of fire matters) which sort of frustrated my sit back and shoot play style (not a sniper, but I prefer to whittle away at long range).

    So I'm swinging heavily towards NC at the moment, even if their faction shotgun is a bit rubbish.

    Another question... NA or EU servers? Once you sign up, you're stuck with ir. It's worth remembering that the EU servers are being run by someone else - bad thing - and will be full of Russians. On the other hand, less action at peaks times on the US servers because they'll be asleep.

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