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    So I really really got in and managed to have a proper bash at this laaate last night.

    First impressions were that it still feels like it's in Beta, I counted about 100 bugs in the 2 hours I was playing, everything from graphic glitches to full game network time outs, buttons that didn't work and flying tanks!

    The infantry combat isn't that refined, the light infantry weapons for example have way too much recoil for a game that's as big as continents.

    I could go on with things that irked me but I suppose most of these will be ironed out. There was a very shiny glimmer of a great game in there at one point when I broke away from the main assault force. Running across what was essentially no mans land towards the enemy base which was at the top of a hill. I stopped at the bottom of the hill in a blind spot, looked back and about 100 of my team were all behind cover about 200m away.

    I started taking pot shots at enemies in the base, taking out about 10 of them, quickly my team started making the sprint towards me, once we had regrouped enough people someone else made the charge and we simply took over the base in a wave. We captured it and held it against what felt like one big hour long counter attack.

    It was good fun!

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