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  • SClaw 26 Nov 2012 08:49:51 826 posts
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    TR on Woodman (the Miller queues are too depressing to even think about). Name is Claw if anyone wants to add me.

    Now I've had time to play a little I'm mostly happy with it. The rubberbanding and server crashes are a pain the neck... but the latter can be dealt with by shifting to a smaller fight until it clears. To be honest, you earn more certs that way anyway (repairing turrets after the zerg moves off is cert gold mining, for example).

    So far I've spent my alpha squad cash on the lightning skyguard (which is shit) a second burster for the max (which is beyond epic) and some helmets. Nothing else interests me in the least.

    Apart from the server issues, the only thing annoying me is how broken the voice stuff is. I could use teamspeak like most of the outfits are... but I just don't want to because it cuts you off from the rest of the randoms. The voice worked fine in beta. Hopefully, that's just another issue with the servers.
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