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    Widge wrote:
    I need to get more people on my friends list to assist with Squadding. I don't mind doing squad action, I do tend to go to where the big action is, although I will also go support places that I think are under attack, or will be significant to a battle elsewhere.

    I'd plan on using waypoints effectively in a "there is an enemy sundy HERE, go shoot it with weapons" fashion.

    Looking forward to being an armchair dictator.

    I take it there is a way of making a Squad so Dotbadders can join in automatically? Or would I have to make it public that way.

    Also what is "Enable Recruitment"'s purpose?
    Sorry, should have made that clearer in my big post above. Enable recruitment opens the squad for joining, meaning it'll show in the public list. Checking outfit only or friends only will restrict joiners as appropriate, so if you tick outfit only then onlyubads will be able to join via their own squad menus in the same way you'd join a public one. Likewise if you leave those options unticked, anyone can join. Either way you have to name the squad as mentioned above or the enable recruitment button will not work.

    You can't make one that ubads will auto join on login, you have to open recruitment as outfit only and then shout at them in the outfit channel or invite them manually. I usually do both as players already on and in a random squad or just soloing won't know the squad is up (direct invites fail if the player is already in a squad) unless you tell them about it in the outfit channel.

    You don't need a massive friends list either - you can just go to the outfit tab in the main social menu and click 'show online only' to get a list of everyone online, though of course having them on your friends list works too.

    Basic order of doing things should be:

    Login. Say hi in outfit channel and ask if there's a squad up already. If not, start one with online outfit members through the outfit tab. Name squad and open recruitment to outfit only, or go public if you're feeling brave.

    Outfit members get a notification when other members come online. If they don't join in a minute or two by finding it themselves, ask if they want in via the outfit channel or /tell [player].

    For non SLs, it should be: login, say hi in outfit channel, check squads with 'outfit' filtering checked, join squad if one is showing. If not, ask in channel just in case another SL forgot to open recruitment. If there are outfit members online but no squad, start one as above! You can always pass SL to someone more experienced as more members come online, so even members who've never led a squad before should try starting one - it encourages people to get involved :)

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