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    Very difficult for me on occasion. Text on my 37" is barely visible across the room, who people are on the HUD is impossible. Effectively I was just heading for green and yellow people and following orders. The map was a little more difficult too.

    HUGELY amusing when told to toggle my voice comms audio: "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW IF I SPEAK LIKE THIS?" said Orpheus to my entire town.

    I'll have to investigate Vent so I can hear you all, although I also have a side of me that is partial to the ambient sounds of war - I always liked the bizarre silence of Warhawk, that was punctuated by this unwritten understanding of what to do.

    Like making the Sundy open to all as it means other people can drive.

    I think the mix of nade & gun works well on that, means you can deal with troops and vehicles alike.

    Didn't get much of a chance to take my Magrider out for a jaunt, next time I might provide armed guard for the Sundy in it. No Saron though.

    LOVING MY GUN engy now. The Serpent now has a NV/IR scope which is frankly awesome for indoors and close quarters scenarios. Have the advanced laser on it (although I am not sure WHY this is a better upgrade over the standard).

    The Eidolon is useful in certain scenarios only really. If I am sat supporting with MAX's and too far away to have an impact, it offers some semi-sniping possibilities. Will see if it gets some patching over time to boost it's damage/distance fall off. I need to cert it to stop vertical recoil.
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