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    @hypoBla5t Some good offline reading for you:


    It won't make sense until you start hitting battles, but try being an Engineer. When fights are cracking off over installations, you can hang back at middle distance, repairing things, supplying ammo, doing some mid-distance killing. Much more fun than running towards a building to be murdered on all sides.

    Means you can also observe the ebb and flow of battle, plus get points for running around captured places repairing stuff.

    Sit in the Warpgate for a while, go look at the consoles, understand that is what the icons on your hud mean.

    Things to note:

    * you can change your loadout & class at the infantry consoles & deployed sunderer -> you can also resupply ammo here
    * you have to buy grenades & consumable weapons
    * you have to buy vehicles, aircraft and the MAX infantry suit -> your screen should show you how many credits you have for infantry, vehicles, air... usually out of 750, which refreshes over time by a factor of how much your faction controls
    * look at the keybinds, there are a LOT of buttons -> things like H to expand mini-map, G to turn off vehicle lights, B to deploy Sunderer as a mobile spawn point (once you have bought and equipped the upgrade), P to hit Squad options... shed loads
    * look through all your cert choices and buy the ones that cost 1 cert and equip as you fancy -> this can quickly give you more ammo and 2x zoom on vehicle weapons for example
    * you can test weapons before you buy them
    * look at the map, it goes to reason that the areas along the border of your territory is where the fights can kick off - also remember the hotspot quick select down the bottom left covers all 3 continents, not just the one you are on
    * when you die, you can respawn in the area and adjoining areas to where you died (not just anywhere you control)
    * if you end up spawn camped, that installation is effectively lost - go somewhere else and re-group, maybe a totally different area if you are getting swept aside by an enemy zerg
    * you can press Alt to bring up a mouse pointer, good idea to swap to the outfit chat once you are in -> means you hear no gubbins from everyone

    there are loads more strategical nuances that will come to light, but get going on that first - things will only make sense once you start to see them in game.
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