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    @quadfather Just getting a SFC is the cheapest and easiest option if you want the full NTSC experience. Unlike the US SNES it uses the exact same power adapter as the UK SNES, so you just need to pop in your existing power supply and you're good (though depending on your telly you might need an RGB cable - easy enough to find as they were the same cables all the way up to the Wii).

    The downside is that to play US SNES games on the SFC you have to either remove the case or mutilate it to fit the bigger carts in. Doing it vice versa is easier because a SFC cart will fit in a US SNES with just a tiny mod... but a US SNES will cost a lot more than a SFC and you'd have to find either a compatible power supply or a step down converter. The thing is ugly as sin too.

    Either way you are completely right in wanting to play full screen + full speed! Feels SO much better to play.
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