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    SFC = Super FamiCom. It is a flawed acronym now you mention it.

    That quote there is 100% true but it wouldn't actually affect your situation. Since you'd be looking to play NTSC titles on a PAL system and not the other way around, any optimisations the developer made to the PAL version won't come into play. What it does mean though is you will get precisely 83% speed without any optimisation the developer might have done with the official PAL version. I wouldn't really let that put you off though, as far as I can tell none of the PAL games I own have any optimisation. It's a different situation than with the NES where optimisation was much simpler.

    Anyway, yes, buying a modded console will also work if you want to go that route but since you already have a PAL SNES I think just sourcing an SFC console-only would work out cheaper. Though then you'd have two consoles knocking about rather than one... I suppose this ones a matter of preference. Personally I have a PAL SNES and a US one set up simultaneously at all times but then again I'm a massive loser.
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