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    @quadfather Definitely, if you just want to play imported games then the universal adapter is the way to go but just remember that even though the carts are NTSC they'll playback like a shoddy PAL port. Since most of the SNES PAL library are shoddy port jobs anyway it could be argued that you're not actually losing anything.

    RE: US SNES, I must admit I was given my step-down converter and I don't really know much about it. My advice would be to check ebay for the going rate, however a fact that seems to escape most importers is that if you can find a universal power supply that provides the right voltage/ampage/whatever and has a tip that will fit the console it will work just fine. For some reason a lot of people think importing = step-down converter.

    @Retroid I've tried unlicensed versions of the SNES and the MD and yes, they're utter garbage. Worse than any software emulator I've ever played in fact, the sound on both was out of time and off key. Originals all the way.
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